STRATUM OF LOS ANGELES, 2017 Digital video with sound, projector, webcam, speaker | Dimensions variable | 21 min. loop
Installation view at the Cole Creativity Center with Santa Puala Art Museum, 2017

Photographs and videos taken by photographers and videographers with different backgrounds and ethnicities as they visit the Los Angeles they know are layered upon each other. A camera facing the audience sends live feed images of the audience to be incoporated with the pre-recorded video.  

Playing with layering and transparency - a seemingly infinate way of condensing images, STRATUM OF LOS ANGELES both the inclusiveness and diversity as well as the disparity, invisibility, and indifferent that comes along the large capacity of the city of Los Angeles.

Photographed and filmed by Shan Wu, Drew Cavicchi, Rashid Pineda, Stephanie Cortez, and Sukmin Kang

2018 Santa Paula Art Museum, The land of light, US
2017 Guild of Arts Los Angeles (GALA), US