1. Shan Wu (°1991), originally from Taipei,

Taiwan is a creative-being, art nomad, and artivist. She works in film, photography, installation, land art, conceptual sculpture and community-engagement practice. Her eclectic interests in materials and subject matters manifest in her work in which she investigates gender, cultural and national identity, science and technology in culture, site-specificity and human-nature relationship. Her work has been exhibited in Taiwan, the US, and her film has been screened internationally.

Shan was an artist resident of Vermont Studio Center,
Taiwan Environment and Sculpture Association, Punch Project/Gallery One, and  The Residency Project. Her work has been exhibited at venues including the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, York Art Gallery, Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center, Santa Paula Art Museum among others.

She is a graduate from the California Institute of the Arts’ Film and Video Program and Integrated Media Program. She mainly appears in Taiwan, Los Angeles, and in the woods of Massachusetts, USA.

2. Collaboration with Drew Cavicchi 

Shan Wu and Drew Cavicchi continually to work as an artist duo on numourous projects. The body of work containing photographs, installations, and sculptures that explore progression, aesthetics, illusion, and implied structure. The series collides human-made structure with landscape, exposing the idea of framing, boundaries, perceptions, and the relationship between human and nature.