SCIOGRAPHY OF A FLAG, 2019 Digital video, projector, flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) sewed with Chinese knots | Dimensions variable
Installation view at the California Institute of the Arts, 2019

A flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) hung with hundreds of Chinese knots stands between a projector and a wall, casting a shadow on the background. A moving image of a black flying flag is positioned according to the shadow of the pole, creating an illusion of the shadow of a flying flag.

Under the shadow of China's political power, Taiwan’s sovereignty is constantly threatened — creating a self-governed nation without formal recognition by the majority of the international community. The flag of the Republic of China — Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Red Earth — was used in mainland China between 1928–1949 and has been in use in Taiwan since 1945. This flag is later banned by China and consequently on international platforms as it is used as the national flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) nowadays. While China uses the saying as “We are all Chinese” to advocate the shared Chinese root for its political interests, the international visibility of Taiwan and its flag are at risk.