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This project explores how cultural imagination and misconception shape the concept of "home" in Taiwan, despite the majority of Taiwanese people living in apartment buildings. Children are still taught to envision single-family houses adorned with tipped ceilings, chimneys, and trees, even in a tropical to semi-tropical country. To illustrate this dichotomy, the project showcases images of apartments folded into the shape of a single-family house.

This perception of what constitutes a "home" is largely influenced by Western cultural ideals that have been ingrained in Taiwanese society since childhood. The project aims to challenge this preconception and shed light on the reality of living in modern Taiwanese apartment complexes, through a series of photographs taken in developing real estate areas and old neighborhoods in Taiwan. The western influence is also apparent in the architecture of some buildings, which feature European patterns and designs. Additionally, the project examines the idea of density as a significant issue in Taiwan, which is the 17th most densely populated country in the world. Major cities such as Taipei have even higher population densities, with 10,000 people living in every square kilometer.

Ultimately, this project seeks to explore how people can "live" in the dichotomy of the imagination and reality when it comes to their concept of "home" in Taiwan.


Some drawing and origami tutorials found on websites in traditional or simplified Chinese: