FAMILY PORTRAIT, 2020 (edition 1-installation), 2020 (edition 2-film)
Digital video with sound | tablet, lamp, picture frame, table | 6min. 31sec.

FAMILY PORTRAIT is a film of a documentation of an installation of documents. In the film, an installation of a video set in a frame shows screenshots of video chats from 2017 to 2018 between the artist’s family, located in Taiwan, America, and two locations in China.  

The screenshots and the dark screen serve as an archive of communication, presenting the family’s connection and disconnection through the internet.

The camera slowly moves into the video across the whole film, ending up with the video taking up the whole image. As our relationship with screens become more vital, the physical space of home and the virtual space morph into one reality that we are living in.

FAMILY PORTRAIT reconsiders physical and virtual space, domestic life, our sense of time, the impact of globalization and technology on family connection while pushing the

boundary between installation, documentation, and film.