Animation and Others

4’17” | 2014 
A story about power, desire, and delusion. Five candidates waiting in a room with an exit located high above. When the six candidates come in, a game of “musical chairs” starts. The winner of each round gets closer and closer to the exit, while the game gets more and more intense. The winner pushes the mystery door open and find themselves completely lost in a dilemma of power and delusion.

We can fly
2’32” | 2013
A mosquito, an exhibitionist, three triplets, and a ballon-head all find their own way to fly into the sky. It's a story about dreams and beliefs.

2’07” | 2013 
Two lovers playing hide-and-seek turns into distrust. The excitment that comes with falling in love corrupt with manipulation, expectation, and disappointment. Fallen experiments with shifting colors and images to express emotion.

Watermelon Seeds
2’58” | 2012
A story of a watermelon growing in a kid’s belly that comes from a Taiwanese saying. A story set in a Taiwanese collage with iconic American cartoon references- Leo the Lion, and Tom and Jerry - creating a quirky cartoon for kids.

1’31” | 2012 
A Venus flytrap who, through eating flies, gains their ability to sense and react to the world. The greedy flytrap then risks to explore more and eventually passes down the ambition gene.

Skip Skip Ben Ben - 腦中的運動 Do The R
3’40” | 2015
Collaborative 2D animated music video for Taiwanese band “Freckle”.

Poems of a girl
Illustrations, poems | 2016